New technologies are becoming a natural tool in our current lives. Smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs and so on, are being used by children, adults and even elder people. They provide us a wide range of possibilities with a simple click.

These new technologies have arrived to archaeology field becoming a new discipline: Virtual Archaeology. Laser scanner, photogrammetry, spectrometry, drones and so on, are some of the items and methods that the Virtual Archaeology use to research, preserve and disseminate the archaeological heritage.


Laser scanner

As Virtual Archaeology is complementary to other disciplines, traditional drawing, classification, storage and methods in Archaeology are important tools that the new technologies complement in order to a better interpretation of the finds.

What is more important is the consequences they have for studying archaeological finds. Recently, a high-resolution scans of the walls north and west in the Burial Chamber of the Tutankhamun’s tomb KV 62 were made by Factum Arte specialists in order to make a facsimile. This scan’s results have led Dr. Nicholas Reeves to detect distinct linear traces beneath the plastered surfaces of the painted scenes suggesting two possible doorways. One that gives access to an unexplored storage chamber on the west of the room J, and the other one that gives access to a pre-Tutankhamun’s continuation of KV 62 towards the north, containing the burial chamber of Nefertiti, as Dr. Reeves says, the original owner.


Burial Chamber KV 62: west wall, painted decoration.

Beside the Dr. Reeves’ daring hypothesis, is remarkable the rol of high technology for this discovery. But, that is not the origin of this hypothesis. Dr. Reeves has argued this tomb was the original tomb of Nefertiti because, among other reasons, there are some features of Nefertiti in the representations of Tut at its burial chamber. If this hypothesis is demonstrated, it will be not only a victory for Dr. Reeves, but also for the Virtual Archaeology. It will demonstrate that both Archaeology and high technology are ideal partners that right now is beginning to change the work way of archaeologists. We are becoming high tech archaeologists.


Burial Chamber KV 62: north wall, painted decoration.





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